What is to Come of TruthNotGuilt

Greetings Conservatives, Libertarians and Friends,

For about a month I have been on an hiatus exploring different options for “TruthNotGuilt” and our campaign for liberty while maintaining a Twitter account. As it is now I work roughly 80 hours a week and have two beautiful daughters (Lily & Liberty) and a loving wife to take care of, so needless to say things can get busy. But who could complain with all of that!

Luckily my wife will help me maintain the Facebook and website we are creating while I will be hitting the road talking to real Americans about real American concerns and issues. And that is the plan, to start – someone needs to shut up and listen and that will be me. So, here is what the TruthNotGuilt Campaign will focus on.

  • Real Polls From Real Americans – Fact Not Fiction, for better or for worse, whether I like it or not! – I will be visiting the inner city and the most rural suburbs to ask Americans how they feel about the hard hitting political and cultural issues surrounding us today
  • Hard Hitting Opinions – From myself and others involved with the TruthNotGuilt Campaign through Twitter and Facebook
  • Congregated News – Links to multiple news articles from around the world focusing on issues that will affect us here in the exception United States!
  • Obama Lies Daily – 5 lies from our “Imperial President” Barack Hussein Obama with links!
  • Highly Entertaining Videos and Pictures – We all need a laugh every once in a while, I would like to provide that
  • Weekly WordPress Report – Missed the news? To busy to check it every day? Just look once a week to see all the important headlines here!
  • Steps to Saving America – We need young Conservatives like myself and we need to find them where Conservatism saved me – in the gutter. I will try my best to show how Conservatism and will power saved my life and how it can save others with the upcoming TruthNotGuilt YouTube Channel

Thank you all for the support, I hope we can return the favor!


PS – If you’d like to find out how to join the TruthNotGuilt Campaign to save yourself, your family and this country email me at amendmentprotectors@gmail.com 


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